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Journey into Web3
*Under Construction*

  • We are developing a web3 economy for the artists of Louisville. 

  • Three artists from this year’s lineup will be debuting their first music NFT at LouiEvolve.

  • NFTs are more than just a buzzword and overpriced JPEGs.

  • In simplest terms, NFTs are used to verify data and information online (blockchain).

  • NFTs can be anything from a simple collectible like a ticket stub & concert poster or act as keys to access your favorite artists, brands, communities, and more. 

  • NFTs allow you to own your economy and interact with your community in unique ways. 

  • NFTs also don't have to be expensive. In fact, they don't need to cost money at all. 

  • All festival attendees will have the chance to receive a free music NFT airdropped directly into their crypto wallet.

  • Do you want to set up your crypto wallet now in preparation for your airdrop?

  • Click the NEAR logo below. 

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